Support Your Student

Parenting Freshmen

A smart way to parent your freshman is to follow a simple system of ten rules suggested by the National Orientation Directors Association.

In 1991, Austin and Souza presented the Rhythm of the Academic Year.  As a family member of a UT Dallas freshman, you may want to use the following adaptation to prepare yourself for what you can expect your freshman to face each month.

Encourage your student to participate in Freshman Year Experience programs and follow our Cometline to Success.

Parenting Sophomores

Now that your student has successfully completed their freshmen year, you'll want to be sure they don't fall into the Sophomore Slump. There are many new ways for your student to continue their development by following the sophomore Cometline to Success and participating in the Sophomore Series of Events.

Parenting Juniors

Our Junior Cometline to Success helps third-year students navigate their way towards the finish line. They may become more invested in their chosen career, or begin applying to graduate schools.

If your student is one of the many students who transferred to UT Dallas their junior year, Transfer Student Services has specific resources to help them adjust to UT Dallas academically and socially.

Parenting Seniors

The senior year can be exciting and emotional for your student as their post-college plans begin to set into motion and your student begins to realize their undergraduate experience is coming to a close. Our Senior Year Experience covers crucial topics for your senior as they prepare for life after graduation.

UT Dallas knows students have worked tirelessly to complete their degree. Each May, we recognize that hard work with week-long activities and events for seniors during Senior Week. Join your student at a traditional Ring Ceremony, as they symbolically dunk their class ring in a UT Dallas fountain.

Present your student with a gift that will last a lifetime by purchasing a brick on Legacy Lane. Legacy Lane is a beautiful tree-lined path that stretches along the creek behind the Eugene McDermott Library. Your brick will be installed in the section dedicated to alumni from your student's class year.


The moment is here! Your student's graduation and commencement ceremony is a wonderful occasion for the entire family. Follow the links below for commencement information.

Preparing for commencement:

Before arriving, find out what to expect at commencement and answer all your commencement and graduation FAQs. After the ceremony, be sure to enjoy the celebration at our Memories on the Mall event immediately following each commencement.

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UT Dalals students at Senior Week